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The bottomless pit
And there I was thinking things couldn't get worse…
Huddled up in the darkness looking for warmth…
The soil mixed with red tears of thick blood; and the scent of death is everywhere…
What a fool I am…
Thinking we have reached the bottom of the pit called life…
When the ground shock from under us…
And  All hell broke loose…
Again we fall…
Will this ever end?
:iconfaredmllm:faredmllm 1 5

i wake up at the middle of the night
i look around can't see the light
i get a pounding urge to sit up and shout
... shout... scream sounds more right
but my voice seems stifled by the tears in my eyes
my breath hardly leaves my chest... silence
silence as thick as the mud in my mouth
i take a deep breath seems heavy with the scent of death
sit up straight maybe i'll awake
will i ever awake
ever... Never... someone, anyone, WHERE ARE THE SOLDIERS OF LIGHT
the heavy stench of bodies lurks in my dizzy head
those whom have fallen yet I've never met
we will walk together on the path towards the light
may those left behind have more light in the darkest of nights
:iconfaredmllm:faredmllm 4 1
the skies are the limit by faredmllm the skies are the limit :iconfaredmllm:faredmllm 1 6 me casa by faredmllm me casa :iconfaredmllm:faredmllm 3 6

Oh how I wish to close my eyes
To walk through fields of life
Running towards eternal lights
Free as a bird no need to hide
BANG... a bullet pierces my sight
And I wake up to a pool of blood
I have died but the price is light
For my brothers to live in the light
I will do it again again and again
Till they hear my spirit's cry
Freedom is me soul's delight
:iconfaredmllm:faredmllm 9 9
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Your Love

I try to dream…
But the horror strikes on me
I try to sway…
But they are waiting for me
Clutching me to the ground
With filthy claws and thorny paws
Nothing will save me but your love
Shining against all their dark
Breaking all walls built around
Tearing the shackles of ghostly nights
:iconfaredmllm:faredmllm 2 6
Snow at last by faredmllm Snow at last :iconfaredmllm:faredmllm 2 5

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Just Another Grave
She had an acquired taste for hate. She treated it like a fine wine, swishing and swirling it around. Inhaling the intoxicating fumes and admiring the aroma from afar. How she loved the way it burned the air as she breathed it in, might as well  have stolen the breath from her lungs. But before she could pleasure herself with a taste she throws it away, leaving a serpentine stain against the pavement.
(That slithers through veins)
She wanted it to.
In a way it did and she enjoyed that acidic bite racing through her body, leaving a trail of bombs within her flesh.
She chose to set it off.
Clutching herself not much more could melt away.
The way to her home was paved with similar wastes of her maintained hate; it only gets better with age.
Her house a darker shade of decay; the antecedent of her so perfectly preserved outer carcass.
(Luminous some would say)
But inside…
When she took off her clothes you could see that her body was a hollowed out grave.
That long ago lost i
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You were black and white, sitting in a cafe. You were a perfect cut-out of everything that everyone ever wanted to be and you knew it. You used that simple fact to form a barricade, blindly fight your way through life so that no one ever followed. You shed your unwilling skin until there was nearly nothing left, then you tried to rebuild all that you'd lost... Yes, people wanted to be like you, but they didn't know the cost like I did. Through becoming so close to you, I uncovered the darker, more sinister answers to the riddles you spun throughout your thin little life. You had no idea that I knew all of this and you continued, oblivious to not just me, but everything going on around you, never knowing that I was always there ready to pop your bubble when it all got too much for you.
I was full of colour, staring at the wind. I was never what was to be expected, I went against the smooth run and order of the things people take for granted. I would excuse myself from life and run out o
:icona-rose-in-misery:A-Rose-In-Misery 11 19
Flaming Atmosphere by aventris93 Flaming Atmosphere :iconaventris93:aventris93 16 9
Dear Friend...
Dear friend,
I gotta ask you a few questions
It'll only take a few minutes…
Like, how are you feeling today?
Bitter, full of resentment, angry, or full of self-pity?
Dear friend, what are you doing today?
Lying, cheating, or dropping threats?
Do you ever feel lost, dear friend?
Don't you know that we're trying to make you happy?
Don't you ever feel guilty about taking advantage of people?
Dear friend, don't you ever feel lonely after awhile?
Doesn't the hate weigh down on you?
Because it would crush me…
Dear friend, what's wrong with being happy?
And  why am I calling you my friend?
'Cause if this is how friends are to you
Then I don't want to be your friend anymore…
I don't wish bad things for you
And I hope you may find happiness one day
But until then I must say good-bye…
Yours Truly,
A Forgotten Friend
:iconbreezy3:Breezy3 2 9
In an unsubstantiated corner
Caught between nowhere and nothing (and love)
I suppose I still want your tired heart,
Your worn-out soul, your nameless dreams (your love).
Once, long ago, I believed in fairies
And golden rainbows, falling stars (and love).
Don't do anything. Don't speak, sleep or breathe
Just disappear, without my heart (or love).
Promises are broken or surrendered
Caught on the cusp of hopelessness and doubt.
I suppose I knew this day was coming
But you cried too long to figure it out.
:icontina-go-lightly:tina-go-lightly 17 13



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it has been ages since i was here last :( for reasons mostly out of my control...
i have a lot of things to catch up on so i better get to it :)



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